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Matthew Series

Woes into Wows pt 4 - Reconciliation

Woes into Wows pt 4 – Reconciliation

Speaker: | May 29, 2022

Reconciliation Week is an important part of the Australian calendar as we seek to understand and address the impacts of colonisation on the first nations of this land.  Reconciliation is a theme that is central...

Faith that Moves Mountains

Faith that Moves Mountains

Speaker: | February 27, 2022

Jesus’ promise that we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer has been widely misunderstood and misused, often with heartbreaking consequences for those with misplaced hope. We can trust this text, but we have...

Time for Judgement

Time for Judgement

Speaker: | February 20, 2022

That’s got to be the most unappealing sermon title ever, right?  We just don’t want to see angry, legalistic people telling everyone else that God’s gonna get them! But we all actually want there to...