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Kingsley is active in global mission because everyone in our world needs to know the good news about Jesus!

We are really excited about the people God has connected us with for the sake of the Great Commission.  We have partners in the Philippines, Niger, Zimbabwe and South-East Asia as well as the Mid-west, Pilbara and Kimberley Regions of Western Australia.  We also support groups like Samaritan’s Purse and Barnabas Fund who do amazing work wherever they are needed around the world.

We believe that partnership is a two-way responsibility and a two-way blessing.  Whenever we connect with Christians serving God in other parts of the world we have an opportunity to support and encourage them in their work; just as they have an opportunity to support and encourage us in ours!

We know that it is very easy to hurt when we try to help.  That’s why we try not to export our way of doing things into other cultures.  We also realise that our relative wealth gives us a kind of power that can easily trample over the dignity and resourcefulness of our partners and the communities they live in.  Whenever we go into other cultures it’s as friends and partners not as experts or saviour-figures… there’s only one Saviour and He’s already at work everywhere!