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Understanding the Time pt 1 – Has Australia Abandoned God?

Understanding the Time pt 1 - Has Australia Abandoned God?

The release of 2021 census data has led to a flurry of headlines reporting that Australia is rapidly turning its back on religion – even on God. Before taking a closer look to see if that is actually the case, we spend some time with Jesus as He prepares to give the last of the major teachings in Matthew’s gospel. From chapter 26 onward the action moves quickly through His arrest, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension; but in chapters 24 & 25 Jesus gives us instruction about what it will be like in the time between his ascension and His return; and how we should live as a result. It’s very practical stuff! However before He describes the judgement that is going to come during this time upon the religious leaders who crucified Him, He points out something that had already happened… their house (the temple) had been left desolate. God had literally left the building! As we think about the place of religion in our society the same challenge applies to us. Is God in us and among us, or is it just an empty shell? Are Australians rejecting God, or are they rejecting something else?


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