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Understanding the Time pt 2 – The Hills of Prophecy

Understanding the Time pt 2 - The Hills of Prophecy

As we prepare to listen to Jesus’ answer to His disciples questions about the future, we take some time to familiarise ourselves with the pattern of prophecy throughout the Bible. Jesus knew what His disciples didn’t – that when God speaks of future events there’s often more than one event that God has in mind. We use an illustration known as “the hills of prophecy” to help us understand how Jesus understood His first earthly ministry and how He accomplished everything that God had promised for that time in history.

This doesn’t mean He’s yet fulfilled everything God promised that His Messiah would do. There are some things that are still on the way, but God has made clear the reasons that He’s holding off on the last part – He’s saving people before the day of judgement arrives. When we understand the concept of the hills of prophecy & see it in the events of history that have unfolded so far we get a fantastic assurance that God always knows what He’s doing, is never surprised by circumstances and nothing will stop Him from doing every good thing that He plans to do.


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