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God speaking through His Word!

A Christian Response to the Voice

Speaker: Mike Birch
September 17, 2023

In this message Mike does not argue that either a “yes” or “no” vote to the referendum question can claim to be the “Christian” response. Instead, we are urged to consider the clear teaching of...

The Task and Team of Fatherhood
Don’t just listen to it; Do what it says!

Category: Global Outreach
August 20, 2023

We are joined by Dr Anton Beukes, one of our Global Reach Partners who is working in church planting and leadership development in Greece and surrounding regions. Anton shares an update of his work as...

Stewardship of Treasures
Stewardship of Tribe
Stewardship of Talents
Stewardship of Time
Reconciliation part 7: the forgotten power of Church Discipline
Reconciliation part 6: The Church
Reconciliation Part 5: Listening