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Our Leadership Teams


Responsible for Governance Policy and Spiritual Oversight

Paul Beard (Elders & Board Chairperson), Mike Birch, Bevan Holman, & Colin Zis

The Elders care for the people that make up our church through praying with and for people and teaching God’s Word publicly and privately.  As a group they provide leadership for the church by giving direction to our staff team and Board.

Church Board

Responsible for management of church resources.

 Jess Baum (treasurer & secretary).

The Board assist the Elders in managing resources that help us to pursue our mission.

Staff Team

Serve under the direction of the Elders and Board to mobilise people on mission.

Our staff work alongside our ministry teams to equip and empower the people of our church in their service.  We believe every member of our church is gifted and called by God to uniquely build up the church, so the main focus for our staff is not on what they do but what they help others to do.