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God’s grace fills us to overflowing,
so that we always have what we need
to do good work.

– 2 Corinthians 9:8

Why Give?

How is it that we can give generously, sacrificially and joyfully?
We think there are at least 3 reasons:

  1. Because Jesus set the tone
    For the joy set before Him, Jesus gave us the greatest example of self-sacrifice and generosity ever seen.  He left the splendour of Heaven in order to serve us and give His life for our salvation.  Nothing we can give will ever match what He has given us.
  2. Because we share Jesus’ mission
    We know that our giving is an important way the Church does its work.  Giving supports the work of spreading the great news about Jesus and helping people to grow as followers of Jesus.  We give because we’re excited about what our giving does.
  3. Because we love and honour Jesus
    Giving is an expression of our priorities and our trust.  We give our best to God because we love Him and want to honour Him.  It’s also a practical way of showing that we trust Him to provide not only for our needs but for the work of His Church through us.

How can I give?

We provide an opportunity to give in our Sunday services each week.  We have offering envelopes that you can collect from the foyer which make it easy to give general offerings for the work of the church as well as to give to our partners in mission around the world.

Many people prefer to set up a recurring payment from their bank to make sure their offerings happen regularly (a lot of us don’t carry much cash around these days!)

Our bank details are:
BSB: 036-237
Account No: 550 021

To give toward our partners in Mission use:
BSB: 036-237
Account No: 285 184

We believe your giving should be between you and God, so we do not use or disclose that information.  However we believe in full financial transparency and accountability, so our church records are regularly audited and financial reports are available on request.  We also publish financial reports annually.