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Understanding the Time pt 3 – Pain Comes in Waves

Understanding the Time pt 3 - Pain Comes in Waves

In Matthew 24:4-14 Jesus tells His disciples about labour pains that will be experienced in waves up until the birth of the new age when He returns. He begins with the sorts of things that will be experienced around the world at different times by all people, then moves to the unique challenges that will be faced by His followers. In all of these things He doesn’t want us to be alarmed or deceived but to trust Him until the end and spread the good news of His Kingdom. We take some time to explore what these labour pains have looked like in history and why Jesus is so careful to warn us in advance; and we challenge ourselves to be aware without being alarmed; to be discerning rather than deceived; and to let nothing pull us away from wholehearted love for God and others while we wait for Christ’s return.