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Woes into Wows pt 4 – Reconciliation

Woes into Wows pt 4 - Reconciliation

Reconciliation Week is an important part of the Australian calendar as we seek to understand and address the impacts of colonisation on the first nations of this land.  Reconciliation is a theme that is central to the gospel.

As we conclude our studies in Matthew 23 we see again see how Jesus’ rebuke of sin is also an invitation to life. He exposes the hypocrisy of showy obedience that does not require transformation of the heart; the pride that says we are not as sinful as others; and the inevitability of repeating the sinful patterns we have inherited. All of these things are barriers to genuine reconciliation.  But those woes can turn to wow as we allow God to transform our hearts, teach us true humility and free us from the sinful patterns of living. In this message we unpack these foundations that make reconciliation possible between us, God and others, freeing us to be ambassadors of reconciliation in the world.


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