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Sermons by Mike Birch

Becoming Kingdom People

Becoming Kingdom People

Speaker: | January 02, 2022

In Matthew 19:13-15 we find Jesus re-teaching a concept He’d taught His disciples back in chapter 18. Why did the greatest teacher in history need to repeat Himself? In this message we explore the challenge...

Jesus is the Light of the World

Jesus is the Light of the World

Speaker: | December 19, 2021

As we head into Christmas we celebrate the true Light of the World and the amazing opportunity we have to experience and share the difference Jesus makes. We look at the story in John 9...

1 Peter - Sufferers with Christ

1 Peter – Sufferers with Christ

Speaker: | November 21, 2021

There’s something about suffering for Jesus that helps us to better follow Jesus. The hostility of the World and the holiness of the Church seem closely linked! In this message we listen to Peter as...

1 Peter - People of God

1 Peter – People of God

Speaker: | November 14, 2021

In the first chapter of his letter, Peter describes the way followers of Jesus are strangers in a world that has rejected Him. This is not our home and there’ll be moments when it becomes...

The Inclusive Gospel

The Inclusive Gospel

Speaker: | October 31, 2021

On halloween Mike reflects on the increasing discomfort many Christians feel in the way our society is moving further and further from our Judaeo-Christian heritage. However as we examine this discomfort more carefully we see...

Essential Church

Essential Church

Speaker: | October 10, 2021

What matters most about church to you? What excites you and keeps you engaged? What discourages you and causes you to pull away emotionally, spiritually and physically? In this message we tune into the heart...

The Essential Gospel 1 - The Best Gift Ever!

The Essential Gospel 1 – The Best Gift Ever!

Speaker: | September 05, 2021

Christians believe that the gospel – the good news about Jesus – is the best thing you can possible receive yourself and share with others. It’s the high point of all the many ways that...

Love Looks Outward

Love Looks Outward

Speaker: | August 29, 2021

This week we hear from two of our members as they reflect on a partnership trip to Zimbabwe in 2015 and give their thoughts on the medical clinic project for 2021/22. We then tune into...