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God speaking through His Word!

The Stone that the Builders Rejected – Matthew 21:1-11
Choose Compasssion – Australia Day 2022
Serving like the Servant King. Matthew 20:17-28

January 18, 2022

Jesus has just told His disciples that he will be crucified and their first reaction is to think of themselves and their place in the Kingdom. Join us as we look at what it means...

Who is the Kingdom of Heaven for? Matthew 19:13- 20:16

Category: Matthew Series / Speaker: Brendan Taylor
January 18, 2022

Jesus speaks often of the Kingdom of Heaven. Join us as we read 3 passages that explain how we should enter the Kingdom of Heaven and why.

Becoming Kingdom People
Communion: What does it mean in a fragmented world?
Jesus is the Light of the World
1 Peter – Recipients of Grace
1 Peter – Sufferers with Christ
1 Peter – People of God