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Rewinding Romans pt 4

Rewinding Romans pt 4

In the last message of our “Rewinding Romans” series we look at the second common roadblock to being the church that God calls us to be. The first roadblock was the fact that Christians don’t agree on what loving God looks like in all situations. That can make serving God and each other well pretty challenging!

The second roadblock is how we relate to a world which is still in bondage to sin. In chapters 12 & 13 the Apostle Paul fleshes out what it means for us to love sincerely, hating what is evil & clinging to what is good. How do you do that in a world which often hates what is good & clings to what is evil? The pastoral advice Paul gives the Christians in Rome centres not in fighting against sin in others, but in ourselves! This is how we best help others to see the beauty of holiness.

We spend some time to look at some recent public issues of ‘sin-spotting’ in others and our culture is becoming increasingly tribalised into self-righteous groups that go to war against each other with little apparent regard for truth or love. That’s not the way that God has established for His Church.

Churches that focus on condemning sin in others promote hypocrisy in themselves. Churches that focus on confessing sin in themselves promote holiness to others.