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Go with Pastoral Care

Go with Pastoral Care

The parable of the lost sheep is a brilliant illustration of God’s care for His children and the care He wants us to have for each other. Jesus uses the story to show the difference between leaders who are in it for themselves and those who want to serve others.

In Luke’s gospel He’s talking to religious leaders and rebuking them for their lack of concern for those who wander into sin. They’d rather judge and criticise than do the hard work of restoration.

In Matthew’s gospel Jesus is training His disciples to be the leaders God has called them to be for His Church. He wants them to be like that good shepherd who takes care of the sheep and is even willing to go after the one sheep who strays.

In this message we look at four different ways we can all wander from God’s call to church community and mission. We need to own that and be willing to be called back to where He wants us to be. We can also all be spiritual leaders who work to restore others with humility and holy reverence.


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