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The Inclusive Gospel

The Inclusive Gospel

On halloween Mike reflects on the increasing discomfort many Christians feel in the way our society is moving further and further from our Judaeo-Christian heritage. However as we examine this discomfort more carefully we see that it’s just part of the broader human experience as we instinctively make judgements about environments where we fit or don’t fit and people who we feel safe with or nervous around.

As we look more closely at this issue we get to a core problem: some people are treated better than others! That problem has always been with us, ever since sin entered the world. Our society is grappling with it, sometimes well and sometimes poorly. But the real definition of the problem and the only complete solution to the problem is found in the Bible, which points us to Jesus and who we are called to be in Him.

We look at the beautiful way the Church is invited to live in Colossians 3 as a roadmap to healing and hope.