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The Easter Promise pt 6 – A Priestly Calling

The Easter Promise pt 6 - A Priestly Calling

This message was delivered while Perth was in a 3-day lockdown over the ANZAC Day weekend. As we commemorate the service and sacrifice of Australians and New Zealanders in armed conflicts around the world on ANZAC Day we are also conscious that no human effort is able to finally bring wars to an end. We need Jesus to do that when He returns to make all things new. In the same way as we heard the story about about Aaron’s staff and the way God affirmed a human priesthood in Numbers 16 & 17, we discover that a human priesthood could only ever bring about a limited and temporary reconciliation with God. We needed Jesus to come and do what only He could do. Now He calls us to follow Him and play our part in the good things He’s doing in the world. This message focuses on the big idea of the book of Hebrews which is summed up in chapters 3, 10 and 12. It calls us to fix our eyes on Jesus our Great High Priest and to partner together in our calling to hold on to faith in Him and do the good works He’s prepared for us to do.  We are meant run the race marked out for us not as individuals, but as a church!


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