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Go Together

Go Together

We live in a world that has learned how to isolate from people who might make us sick. We know how to put up masks to keep the bad stuff from getting in or out. It’s not just physical things like viruses that make us unwell. It’s attitudes, behaviours, lifestyles, ways of thinking and speaking and much, much more.

Contagious community can be terribly damaging.
It can also be tremendously life-giving!

I don’t want to catch things from you that will make me sick. I do want to catch things that will help me become more like Jesus, grow closer to Jesus and help me point others to Jesus. God’s designed His Church in such a way that we can’t do that alone. We need to Go Together.

In this message we explore some of how that looked for the churches in Rome that Paul greets in the conclusion to his letter; and we imagine what that might look like for us as we seek to put ourselves in the kind of environments where we can be contagious in life-giving ways.