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Go with God’s Blessing

Go with God's Blessing

Mike shares the story of the Jews who had returned from exile in Babylon and struggled to complete the task of rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem because of discouragement from within and opposition from without. Their disobedience was understandable, but that doesn’t make it acceptable! God withheld His blessing from them while they continued in disobedience to Him.

Finally God used the prophet Haggai to both rebuke and encourage the people, who responded with faith and courage to recommit to the work. In the end God achieved far, far more than they would have dreamed possible to bless them and to bless many others through them.

We take some time to think about what the Temple means to us today and realise that all of us are in the same position as the people Haggai spoke to! We’ve been called to build the Temple, but in our case the Temple is people who make up God’s Church. We can all be discouraged and distracted from our core purpose. We could all use a reminder of God’s power to do what we cannot. We all need a vision of how glorious it is when He does that!