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Waiting for a Better Kingdom

Waiting for a Better Kingdom

What are your hopes for this life?  Often when life gets scary or difficult our prayers are for God to restore what we’ve lost or grant what we hope for.  That’s the situation that Isaiah & the nation of Judah were in – afraid of the threats looming against them, yet still longing for the fulfilment of their dreams for their kingdom.  What God reveals to Isaiah in this context goes way beyond what they were thinking & hoping for.  God has plans for a greater kingdom and is working everything toward that purpose.  He assures Isaiah that this kingdom will be worth the wait, no matter what hardships we have to endure in the meantime.  As we look back to see what God has done in history over the nearly 3,000 years since; we have even more reasons to be confident that God is still working everything together for this ultimate goal.  We have a lot to look forward too; and we have much to invite people to join us in.


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