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The Great Commission pt 2

The Great Commission pt 2

Jesus didn’t ask His disciples to gather a crowd, He asked them to make disciples!

Crowds had flocked to Jesus and even proclaimed Him as King; but they’d also screamed “Crucify Him” when Jesus didn’t deliver what they wanted. As we think about Jesus’ command to make disciples we remind ourselves of what a disciple is and who a disciple follows; then we explore what it means to make disciples both locally and “to the ends of the Earth” (Acts 1:8). We look at the different ways the local church and the universal church play their part making disciples and ask ourselves whether we are allowing God to shape us through a healthy approach to both – to draw on the wide array of gifts, resources and service opportunites of the universal church while also going deep in life-on-life learning with those God places close to us.

We live in a culture that entices us to go wider rather than deeper and that’s having a huge impact on discipleship in our churches. What might we have to say “no” to if we are to say “yes” to deep discipleship in our local church?