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Signs of Life or Death – Matthew 21:23–22:14

Signs of Life or Death - Matthew 21:23–22:14

After Jesus clears out the commercial operations in the temple courts the religious leaders come to challenge his authority. Who does he think he is to waltz in there and take charge like that?

Jesus responds with 3 stories that show what this showdown is really all about. In each story he exposes a different way that these leaders have chosen a path of rebellion against God and pronounces judgement on them for that. But there’s a positive side: each story mentions people who choose a different path. So while this is a heavy passage it’s also hopeful. We don’t have to make the same tragic choice as those leaders! There’s 3 really helpful signs that will help us see what direction our lives are headed in, so let’s pay attention to the signs and choose the path of life!