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Rewinding Romans pt 5

Rewinding Romans pt 5

In the conclusion to the series we take a closer look at the good news that changes everything about how we live. Since the gospel is the power for every good thing that God does in the His Church, knowing and sharing the gospel is the most powerfully good thing we can do in life. As we’ve seen from the first four episodes in the series, the Apostle Paul never claimed that his telling of the gospel was the only way the message could be shared or the only version that people needed.

There’s only one gospel – it’s the gospel of God (ch.1). Every person who God appoints to share that message will do it in a unique way – a way that God has shaped them to do as part of His perfect plan. And God is able to work through each of our different ways of telling the gospel to build faith in others (ch.16).  There is only one gospel, but countless ways of explaining and illustrating it.

Do you trust that God is able to use your understanding and experience of the good news to help someone else come to believe it as well? Do you realise that your way of sharing and declaring the love of God is exactly what other people need to receive?