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Reconciliation part 3: Nurture

Reconciliation part 3: Nurture

Jesus set the tone for his Church when he talked about his followers not just as students or even friends, but family. This language is picked up by all the New Testament writers and embodied by the practices of the early church. Being reconciled to God and people creates a new kind of family.

As we pick up on how that worked for Paul and Silas with a bunch of people in Thessalonica who became a family to them, we discover the crucial role of nurture. It’s where we treat every member as being precious to us and we take great care to help each other grow in Christ; and take great pains to make sure we’re not putting any barriers in one another’s way.

Sounds easy right?  Taking a closer look at the story helps us to learns the lessons we need to move this from a nice theory to a life-giving experience.