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Matthew 13:53–14:12 – The Story of Your Life

Matthew 13:53–14:12 - The Story of Your Life

In Matthew 13 Jesus has been teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven, but then we read 2 stories straight afterward where people resist the Kingdom because it doesn’t fit with the storylines of their own lives. In Nazareth, they can’t see Jesus as the Saviour King because they’re determined to see Him as the kid who grew up in their backwoods town. For King Herod, his family story was one of lust for power and sensuality and he didn’t respond well to John the Baptist’s ministry of inviting people to repent in order to receive the Kingdom – particularly when John was very specific about what he needed to repent of! Being aware of the storylines of our own lives – how we’ve been shaped by family and community in particulary – can help us understand the areas of our lives where we struggle to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom or why we even refuse His invitation to be part of it. What we think we know and what we think will make us happy can get in the way of us understanding truly and experience real satisfaction and joy. How does the storyline of your life fit with Jesus’ message of the Kingdom?