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How Christ Sees His Church

How Christ Sees His Church

In Acts 9 we read about an amazing encounter that turns a life around. Saul thought Jesus was a false messiah and that His followers were a plague on society. He was determined to wipe out those people and stop the spread of their despicable beliefs. Yet Jesus meets Saul and reveals His glory as God the Son; and the glory of the Church as His Body. Saul is transformed to become the man we know today as the Apostle Paul. A man who dedicated his life to spreading the news about Jesus and nurturing the growth and health of His Church.
There’s an amazing truth that Jesus reveals to Paul: How we treat the Church is how we treat Christ. In this message we explore that concept to allow God to shape our lives in the way He shaped Paul’s, so that we might share his sense of wonder and love for the Church that God has called us into.


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