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Go with Holy Reverence

Go with Holy Reverence

In Matthew 18:1-4 Jesus says that we need to be like little children to be in His Kingdom.  Those who do this will be great in the Kingdom, because they don’t rely on themselves and they don’t make it about themselves.

As we move on to verse 5 to 9, we discover that treating each other like little children is also a key aspect of life in His Church.  That doesn’t sound great, but it actually is!  Imagine if we carefully nurtured each other the way we would nurture a little child!  Thinking about the sorts of things that are good for children as well as the things that would lead them into sin – which Jesus warns us very seriously about – is a great way to think about what we should and shouldn’t do in our relationships with those God calls to be in our church family.

It’s a great theme to be thinking about on Mother’s Day!

Sorry for the audio quality in the first 5 minutes… we had some serious network glitches!


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