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Sermons by Mike Birch

Woes into Wows pt 4 - Reconciliation

Woes into Wows pt 4 – Reconciliation

Speaker: | May 29, 2022

Reconciliation Week is an important part of the Australian calendar as we seek to understand and address the impacts of colonisation on the first nations of this land.  Reconciliation is a theme that is central...

Good Government Matters

Good Government Matters

Speaker: | April 24, 2022

As ANZAC Day approaches we’re very aware of how important good government is; and how devastating the consequences can be when governments go astray. With a federal election coming up in May, we turn our...


Good Friday 2022

Speaker: | April 13, 2022

Note: Check out the Good Friday Playlist on youtube to see the Bible readings from Lumo, followed by Mike’s reflection. Good Friday 2022 Reflection Questions (If you didn’t watch online, the manuscript for Mike’s talk...